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FreightCenter Enters Third Year as SmartWay Transport Partner

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FreightCenter, a private third-party logistics (3PL) service provider, commits to tracking and reporting carbon emissions for a third consecutive year. As a trusted advisor for shippers worldwide, FreightCenter provides sustainable transportation solutions to meet the increasing demand for cleaner and more efficient shipping services.

SmartWay is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative. Each year, SmartWay partners submit carrier performance data like total mileage and freight tonnage to qualify for the partnership. SmartWay then aggregates partner data to measure the efficiency and sustainability of U.S. freight transportation.

FreightCenter extends the benefits of its partnership to its customers by ensuring that:

“Our mission is to create a marketplace where our customers, carriers and partners can source sustainable and affordable freight services. The demand for sustainable, eco-friendly transportation solutions must be met in order to offset the impacts of our industry. We’re proud to say we’re SmartWay partners and are committed to supporting the EPA’s initiative,” said Matthew J. Brosious, CEO at FreightCenter.

SmartWay is a voluntary and cost-free program that supports companies’ initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight supply chain transportation activities. Operational strategies, data management tools and verified technology supports are provided. The SmartWay Partnership is a domestic and international freight and supply chain program that manages data for over 3500 partners across all domestic shipping modes in the US and Canada. SmartWay implements its goals to lower freight carbon footprints by conducting analysis and research of freight impacts, engaging with freight experts, anticipating and responding to trends, developing strategic resources and communication strategies, and serving as an international model. International collaborations exist with Mexico, China and other Asian nations, Europe, and Latin America.

“FreightCenter knows that partnering with SmartWay is good for business, people and the environment,” says Cheryl Bynum, U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Director, “By partnering with us, FreightCenter is demonstrating their commitment to sustainability through cleaner, lower carbon goods movement.”

Learn more about the EPA’s SmartWay program at:

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